02 November 2011

OKITE® Translucent Collection™

Introducing the newest addition to the Okite line. This exciting new product comes with a seal of innovation..
The Translucent Collection™ is inspired by the look natural onyx and looks and feels like stone and has a material composition of that is 93% natural quartz, the 4th hardest mineral known to man. Translucent Collection™ distinguishes itself with the high performance features of quartz surfacing but is stain and scratch resistant and does not require sealing. This versatile material allows light to move through the surface creating a dramatic, modern look. It's consistent patterning does away with the need to handpick slabs and its large slab sizes create fewer seams in installation and create less waste. For more info click here.
18 November 2009


OKITE® Quartz Surfacing has been featured on Designing spaces during their national segments aired on November 2009.
Robert Reid (ASID in Houston, Texas) and Melanie O'Connor will tell us in the video.
To watch the video, click here.

December 2008

OKITE® Guide Specification are now available on line

Are you looking to spec your next project? Visit OKITE® at Caddetails.com and Sweets.com and see how easy and convenient it is to do just that. OKITE® has found it's place at Caddetails.com and Sweets.com where professionals look for instant access to building product information, free of charge. It's the only online library that fully integrates CAD drawings, CSI-formatted specifications and more.

December 2008

Houston Habitat for Humanity

Seieffe has not forgotten about our local Hurricane Ike victims. Our heart goes out to all of the families that have lost loved ones, homes from the storm. Seieffe has donated OKITE® slabs to the Houston Habitat for Humanity totaling over $50,000. At no fee we tiled and packaged the material to make it easier for our local fabricators to transport and install the tiles in the homes of those that are in need to rebuild in our community. To this day we continue to reach out to those affected by the storm in the efforts to build a better and stronger community.

November 2008

OKITE® receives GreenGuard Certificate

OKITE® is GREEN! OKITE®, certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute under the GREENGUARD Standard for Low Emitting Product, is available in an array of colors and collections to satisfy your projects with the reassurance that you will be using environmental friendly products; therefore, contributing to your projects LEED points.

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